martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Movie: Narnia's Chronicles..... The voyage of the traveler of the dawn

I am charmed with all these movies of the chronicles of narnia. They have a message far beyond that what it is possible to see... It is a history with beginning and many things referred to the bible transformed into a fairy-tale. This third movie that these stocks in the books fifth quarter and part of the sixth one of the seven that are in total, there is a collision between the good and evil and what mas I am called the attention it was that the protagonists tenian that to overcome his dreads facing face to face.


A picture with a ship in the middle of the sea, in the guests' room of his uncles, will move the brothers Pevensie up to the magic kingdom narniano, in the third delivery of Narnia's chronicles: the voyage of the Traveler of Alba, who has the premiere today in the cinemas to national level.
 Michael Apted directs the third part of this saga written by C. S. Lewis, which shows to Edmud and to Lucy Pevensie on returning to Narnia accompanied of his cousin Eustace, Alba meets the king Caspián and a warlike mouse called Reepicheep in the Traveler of, a mythical craft that they try to come to the end of the world.

Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley are the actors who interpret to the king Edmund Just and to the queen Lucy the Brave one, in his order, who will initiate the voyage for the seas with Eustace (Will Poulter), who discovers the veracity of the histories that his cousins were counting.
 In addition, Ben Barnes gives life to Caspian X. In this expedition it will have to look for seven exiled gentlemen years behind for Miraz, uncle of Caspian.

 Mysterious islands, a river that turns into gold, fatidical combats with strange creatures, the meeting with his protector and friend the Great León Aslan, and the item to the country of this one, located into the oriental end of the world, will be a part of the voyage through that the brave travelers will live and on which there will depend the destination of Narnia and of all his fantastic inhabitants.

Some prominent figures
 Reepicheep. This warlike mouse, with his ally's rapier, played a very important paper during Narnia's Revolution, in which it fought, together with the Old men Narnianos, in opposition to the regime of the telmarinos.

 Eustace Clarence Scrubb. Cousin of the Pevensie, this incredulous young person appears for the first time inside the saga. Antipathetic and unbearable, he will learn a lesson of life on having been turned into a dragoon.


I like this video because it has been of great help for my in these last days that I have spent for several difficulties when I saw the video and especially listen to the letter of the song fill me with spirit and entendi that I have a beautiful God who neither leaves me he does not even abandon me that moment to moment this one to my side and that places beautiful persons around me in order that they help me and esten to my side. I wanted to share it because aprendi and entendi that I depend 100 % of my God Gentleman and Salvador and that without I can do nothing!!!

miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011


Simon Bolivar was born in Caracas on July 24, 1783, military and political, was a great man that we see today as a hero `THE HERO OF THE COUNTRY'' as it gave freedom to many nations, especially  Venezuela.

Today we have the hero Andre Sougarret Larroquette civil engineer from the University of Chile, He is known for being the leader of the rescue procedure of the 33 miners in the mine accident San Jose. transferred to an excellent staff for execution of the first task  to  find to Miniero and whether they were alive this operation was a success on Sunday morning August 22 and the probe made contact and found that were miners alive and in good condition.

A hero to me ... my dad.!  yes has been a hero to me,has given me his pasiencia and has always been with me.  would deliver give it all and more for me is my pillar, my base, my mentor, my friend  finally JHON URDANETA the best dad in the world: $

lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011


         Life is tenderness
It sounds like a beautiful baby smile
It tastes like honey candy
It smells like a fied full of roses
It feels like sleeping in the clouds

My friends

Not perform the activity in class
but carried out, with one of my best friends

Mary is 18, studied law, is super affectionate and loves cats ... have a beautiful kitten!;

and likes to eat pasta
also likes listening to music and very romantic.

Fireworks!! *-*

The song is beautiful had not heard before
but I love, has a wonderful message
conveys a love a passion for life that few
Songs today are.
I love the video especially when
make the fireworks show.
And near the end when he saysBum, bum, bumEven brighter than the moon, moon, moon.


Hello There..! I wanna show you my blog <3
My Name is joselyn urdaneta 
I'm from la concepcion, maracaibo
I'm a Law Student. I like LAW because is the support of our society.
I'm 18yeard old.
In this blog I'm going to publish my activities, I'm in the fouth level.
I licke
I like to sing dance and go to church.
I love my career, my favorite subject is criminal, for me is the best.